Sublime with Rome

Sublime with Rome

Bowes Event Centre
Sat Aug 24, 201908:00 PM
$69 - $89 plus tax and fees


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The wait is over! Sublime With Rome returns long at last with new music in 2018 to complement their first two album releases, Sirens, the 2015 effervescent follow up to the band’s 2011 debut release Yours Truly. “Wicked Heart” will be the first single out late July off their yet untitled upcoming album to come out around Spring 2019.

“We had more time, we know each other better now, and we’re even better musicians,” said Rome Ramirez, who was just 20-years-old when he embarked on this journey.

With Sublime bassist and co-founder Eric Wilson anchoring the group, Sublime With Rome are armed with a new album that makes a real statement… their statement. Produced by Rob Cavallo, who has worked with Green Day, My Chemical Romance, Linkiin Park and many more, the latest release is an expression of three musicians who truly get each other and who communicate seamlessly through their instruments.

The luxury of time had a huge impact on their approach to this all-important release, especially since the band went into the studio without any demos or songs ready to go! That might sound terrifying to some musicians, but Sublime With Rome were invigorated by the situation.

“We didn’t have any songs in our pockets,” the frontman said, confessing that while he liked the spontaneity, it also lit a fire under their collective ass. “We showed up to this big studio and we had nothing, so we had to make it grassroots. It felt refreshing to make things on the fly. It really came together with all of us in the room and we loved the result.”

He furthered, “Everything was recorded live and together. It’s a little tighter and edgier than our last two releases. We have a lot of influence from Eric and it definitely shows.”

Wilson concurred, saying, “It was great working with Rob, our chemistry was excellent. We had a great time recording the album in a totally organic way. There was no stress, even though we came up with stuff on the fly.” The album was recorded at famed Sonic Ranch nearby El Paso, Texas and in Los Angeles.

“It is a whole different feeling now,” Ramirez admitted. “Carlos is such a great guy and he is just as lighthearted, which is great on the road, since touring can be so serious and so tough. It has been more fun, really. It is a lot more relaxed, and that helps with everything. It’s like that everywhere. Studio. Stage. Bus. Wherever we are. We’ve moved forward, musically and on stage. He brings a great element.

And while Ramirez pays the utmost respect to the original Sublime entity, since, as he admitted in the past, they were the first band that made him want to make, as opposed to just listen to, music, he knows Sublime With Rome are worthy of fan’s undivided attention. “This summer, I want fans to say, ‘I went to see Sublime With Rome and the new music is sick as fuck.’ We can do that by continuing to make better and better records,” he said.

Ramirez even stated that he isn’t so much interested in the endgame or results as much as he is interested in writing music that is honest. And it’s Wilson who summed up how their new music is such an important record for the band. “I’m able play music for the love of music, just like I did back then. I am so fortunate to still be able to do it,” he said


On the brink of their 8th studio release, Washington, D.C. band Lionize have set a new standard for any band trying to create something new and exciting within their unique blend of heavy rock, funk and soul.  With a growing international fan -base built on their stunning live show and progressively innovative studio albums - the band is at the top of their creative game and show no signs of slowing down.  2019 features a new full length album with Clutch drummer Jean Paul Gaster behind the kit for an explosive set of songs that bring the band even closer to the tips of the tongues across mainstream rock fans. 

Jean Paul Gaster says of the writing and recording process "I was honored when Lionize asked me to play drums on their new album. While I have worked with Lionize on many of their recordings to be involved as a player this time around was an opportunity of a lifetime. Nate, Hank, and Chris have grown into musicians that inspire as much as challenge me. It was thrill and the music we created is the best work the band has ever done. I’m excited for the fans to hear this unique mix of rock, funk and soul music."   

With new songs, their own record label and a world tour lined up, Lionize is the embodiment of true spirit of Rock & Roll.


Grande Prairie's home grown Chiliocosm is a 4 piece groove punk band that takes the philosophy of ying and yang and melts it into their one of a kind sound, combining ambient alternative head bobbing grooves with spirited melodic circle pit inducing punk rock creating a molotov cocktail of emotional fueled fire. With a recent battle of the bands win, the debut slot on "Showcase Spotlight TV", as well as several D.I.Y. tours and festival shows including opening for Pop Evil, Simple Plan and the Wild!, Chiliocosm is defying gravity and snowballing its way up the music industry mountain.